Bulgaria Adoption – Waiting Children

Adopt a child from Bulgaria. Children from Bulgaria are available for a period of two months by the Bulgarian government. Families do not need to be home study ready in order to apply and the process is expedited if they are approved based on a preliminary application abroad for approximately a one year adoption process.

If you are interested in receiving more information about any of the waiting children, please download and mail in the preliminary application form with a nonrefundable $25 check to A Family in Bloom Adoption.

Age: 5

Meet Noah! The specialists working with him state that Noah is making a steady progress over time. He is being raised in a foster family, where he receives much love and support but the foster “granny” truly hopes that there would be a forever family that would come and adopt him.

Noah joins group activities with other children. He tries to imitate other children in their games. He gets very excited when he sees the children at kindergarten and apparently going to kindergarten is having a favorable effect on him. He accepts adults and unfamiliar people easily. Most recently Noah shows interest in musical toys – piano, maracas and drums. He also enjoys helping with household chores. Noah brushes his teeth independently in the morning and in the evening. He announces his physiological needs and he has been fully potty-trained for several months now. Noah has a good appetite. His sleep is calm.

Special needs: infantile cerebral palsy (to be further clarified whether it is a valid diagnosis); microcephaly (to be further clarified whether it is a valid diagnosis); generalized developmental disorder (suspected autistic spectrum disorder); hyperactivity disorder combined with mental delay and stereotypic movements; strabismus (awaiting conclusion from a check-up that will take place soon); Family history – mother with a mental illness (as reported by the social services, his biological mother “had apparent issues”, but she hasn’t been diagnosed or certified with a specific mental illness/disorder); delayed neuropsychological development.

Age: 14

Radko is a smart, kind and outgoing child. He is clinically healthy with normal physical and neuro-psychological development. He goes to a public school and has many friends there. His favorite subjects in school are music and mathematics. Radko very much wants to be adopted and wants to make a good impression so he will have a family of his own.

Radko likes to watch TV and his favorites are cartoons, Sponge Bob, Disney channel and the news. He knows how to count up to 10 in English and can read the Latin alphabet. His favorite sports are soccer and volleyball. His favorite foods are: cake, pizza, stews, meatball soup, hamburgers; potato chips, popcorns, corn, croissants, pancakes and fudge.

Radko likes animals. He has cared for cats, hamsters, fish and other pets.

Available until May 15th.

Age: 9 almost 10

Nikola is a healthy, active nine year old boy. He has underdeveloped speech and is diagnosed with a moderate mental delay. Nikola is a calm, mostly shy boy. He loves to draw and is curious about games. He is currently in 2nd grade. Nikola will need the help of a speech therapist and devoted family to help him develop his verbal skills.

Available until May 15th.




Age: 12

Katie is a healthy twelve year old girl. She shows an attachment towards people and desires emotional connection. Her speech is underdeveloped. She will need speech therapy to help her continue to progress. She has made friends at her school and interacts well with both children and adults.


Available until May 15th.


Age: 5

Special needs: mental delay,  corrected congenital heart malformation- discordant connection of chambers with arteries. Surgical intervention was successful.

Ivan shows interest in all physical activities. He has good fine motor skills. Ivan reacts to some situations with anger and anxiety. His verbal skills are improving but require speech therapy for continued progress. Ivan seeks out the attention and approval of his foster family. They report that he likes walking outside and listening to music.

Available until April 15th.


Age: 8

Special needs: epilepsy and mental delay

Meet Hristo! Hristo is a very curious and active eight year old. Hristo receives speech therapy twice a week and is improving. His epilepsy is under control. He is a curious and communicative child. The number of nouns Hristo uses is increasing as well as the verbs from his passive vocabulary. He loves musical activities and knows the beginning of 2-3 children songs and often sings them independently. Hristo receives

Hristo quickly makes friends with other children (including children with special needs).

Available until April 15th.

Age: 11

Special needs: mild mental delay

Adriano is a very sweet, gentle, careful, attentive, responsive, compassionate and sociable child. He really wants a family of his own. He has many friends and always tries to help the others when needed. It appears that all other children treat him well. Adriano has been diagnosed with a mild mental delay but that is attributed to him living in an institution.

Adriano feels very comfortable in his environment among the other children. He prefers quiet games. The caregiver said that he can play with toy cars for long periods of time – both alone and with other children. He is able to feel sincere joy even for the smallest gifts he receives.

Adriano’s dream is to become a policeman and drive a police car.

Available until April 15th.

Age: Almosisabellat 11 

Special needs: infantile cerebral palsy – mixed form, with lower limb flaccid paraparesis, with monoplegia of the right upper limb; surgical intervention of Spina bifida occulta after tuberculous meningoencephalitis;

Isabella uses a wheelchair. She attends a  mainstream school and is a 3rd-grade student. She copes well with her studies and attends her classes regularly.

Isabella is a  sociable child and interacts freely both with peers and adults. She enjoys receiving attention. Isabella can lead a dialogue and express her feelings and emotions. She initiates conversations and games together with others. She enjoys company, she remains calm and observes others. She smiles and is sociable.

Isabella is focused and attentive while performing the tasks she is assigned. She is engaged in activities aimed at enriching her knowledge and skills. Isabella is a diligent girl and she completes the tasks she is given.

Isabella doesn’t demonstrate any aggressive behavior. She shows interest in music. She enjoys playing with plush toys, balls, dolls and puzzles. She loves drawing and coloring as well as watching children’s TV shows. She plays different games with her peers and enjoys being part of a group.

Available until April 15th.