A Family in Bloom Adoption’s standard fees for adoption services are listed below. Not all services are needed in any given adoption. These apply for Colorado residents, since out-of-state families will need a home study and their post-placement work completed in their home state of residence.

The following fees apply to all families:

Application Fee: $250
Consulting and Research fee, available for families with specialized or more in depth informational needs. $250
Home Study Fees:
Home Study for New Family: $2,500
Updated Home Study: If the home study validity of one year has expired and family wants to keep the case open or for returning families within a three year period who will be adopting again. $1,500
Kinship or Second Parent Home Study only $1,500
Required if there is a change in circumstance after the home study is completed but before placement occurs.
Training for Home Study:
Core Training is required for all adoptive parents under Colorado State law. The fee is paid separately to the partner agency that provides the training.
per person
$250 per home visit and $250 per child report. The typical case results in charges of $1,250 for one child of a domestic infant or one international finalized adoption. Additional foreign requirements or domestic adoption of an older child will be billed at the rate indicated above at the time of placement.
a. Finalization paperwork:
b. Validation paperwork (Families can opt to do this themselves):


Adoption Fees: $4,100-$5,400

Domestic Administrative Fees: (only one of these categories will apply)

Designated adoption with birth parents in Colorado: $5,000
Designated adoption with birth parents out of state: $3,500
Waiting child adoption with child in Colorado: $4,000
Waiting child adoption with child out of state: $4,500
Domestic infant adoption with agency match: $11,500
Partnership with out-of-state agency for core services: $2,000
Total Range Domestic Administrative Fees: $2,000-$11,500


International Administrative Fees:

International Administrative Fees:              ,
a. Agency Foreign Country Program Fee: $17,000-$19,000
b. Agency acting as Primary Provider
(depending on the nature of the case and country)

There are other factors to be aware of when calculating the expected total cost of an adoption. These would include such things as international program fees of another adoption agency making the placement or birth parent expenses. These are not part of A Family in Bloom Adoption’s fee structure or financial gain.

There are other fees that are required in order to complete an adoption which are paid by the adoptive parents directly to other agencies. A list of the most common costs follows, not all of which will apply to your particular adoption: fingerprinting based and child abuse registry background clearances, court fees for finalization or validation of an adoption, CO State fee for a review of an international home study, USCIS/Immigration visa processing fee, ICPC fee (in cases of placement of a child from another state than Colorado) and notarization/certification costs. Upon inquiry, we can provide more specifics about these costs.