Birth Parent Services

Dear Birth Parent,

This is a time when you are facing important decisions about whether to parent your child or not. We at A Family in Bloom Adoption do not presume to know what is best for you or want to pressure you into something that is not in your heart. If adoption is something you are considering, we are available to meet with you to talk through the different options and help you decide what is truly right at this point in your life. This counseling is provided at no cost, in a location that is comfortable for you.

If you decide that adoption is the right thing for you and your child, we can match you with an adoptive family. Today, you can make choices from the beginning about who should adopt your child and what kind of relationship you might want with your designated adoptive family.

There appears to be a genuine lack of resources and literature for birth parents. If it is helpful for you to learn more about adoption from those who have placed a child themselves, please see the Birth Parent Resource Section.

If you would like to talk with someone at A Family in Bloom Adoption, you can reach us at (303) 516-9827 or, by e-mail, at Best wishes on your path, wherever it takes you.


A Family in Bloom Adoption

“You were finally here, my little butterfly. And no matter how hard it is, I must say goodbye. So open your wings and don’t be afraid to fly. Fly away to a new life. Where opportunities are at every door. And my love around every corner.”
— Gina Crotts

A Family in Bloom was not only perfect for finding a family for my baby, but was family to me through the entire process. – Samantha

Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for us and so many others. – Veronica

Your agency gave me options and believed in me! – Jennie

* birthparent real names not used.

If you are pregnant and need help, please call: (303) 516-9827