Domestic Adoption

A Family in Bloom Adoption is licensed for all types of domestic adoptions. Our agency has been involved with designated adoptions, interstate adoptions, waiting children/foster care children through adoption exchanges and domestic infant adoption. We can also work with kinship, step-parent and second parent adoptions. There is skilled staff available to provide birth parent counseling. Home study and post-placement services are available for domestic placements of all types.

Our agency will continue to work with families in or outside of Colorado that have a designated adoption (matched birth parent) in Colorado. For families residing in our state, we can assist if they are working with another adoption agency or attorney from outside of Colorado for a placement. Given the falling numbers of birth parent relinquishments, A Family in Bloom Adoption is no longer accepting new Colorado families interested in domestic infant placements only, unless they are expanding the range to include other kinds of adoption simultaneously.

A Family in Bloom Adoption has a separate domestic adoption program working with waiting children through the adoption exchanges for our Colorado families. This requires a distinct licensed issued by the Colorado Department of Human Services. The children available for adoption are coming out of the county foster care system, with their biological parents’ rights already having been or soon likely to be so. The presumption from the start of the placement is permanency and adoption. Waiting children are to be found in counties in the 50 states throughout the United States. There is the greatest need for permanent families for school-aged children and teenagers.


“The child must know that he is a miracle,
that since the beginning of the world,
there hasn’t been, and until the end of the world
there will not be, another child like him.”
— Pablo Casals, cellist.

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