Financial Assistance

Here is our disclaimer regarding this section — Financial assistance is hard to come by and demand far outpaces supply for adoptive families. However, this is a place to start.

  1. A Child Waits Foundation,, provides grants to prospective parents who are adopting internationally. The Foundation also provides low-interest loans to eligible families for international adoption.
  2. Gift of Adoption Fund,, a volunteer based organization that awards adoption assistance grants to qualified American families seeking to adopt vulnerable children, including from the public foster care system and internationally.
  3. Help Us Adopt is a nonprofit organization that supports all kinds of adoptions with their generous grant work. Please visit to learn more.
  4. America’s Christian Credit Union (ACCI),, offers several adoption-related loans and of varying amounts. The organization is willing to provide financial counseling around adoption planning to families.
  5. The Federal Adoption Tax Credit, which has been in place since the 1996 can function as a credit for families with qualifying adoption expenses. To learn more, see
  6. Dream4Adoption provides financial assistance earlier in the process than many grant organizations, after a careful vetting process:
  7. ABBAFUND at provides a list of Christian organizations that can help with funding of an adoption, listed under the sub-section of “Adoption Resources”.
  8. Adopt Without Debt: Creative Ways to Cover the Cost by Julie Gumm. The author shares her personal tale to adopt children and remain debt free. The book incorporates creative fundraising ideas from other adoptive families.
  9. Reece’s Rainbow,, advocates for and provides grant funds for the international adoption of children with Down syndrome and other special needs.
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