Key Resources

  • Adoption Mosaic, located in Portland, OR, supports the entire adoptive family by offering a wealth of workshops and programs, resources at their web site at and a quarterly magazine, The Adoption Constellation.
  • “shown a flower
    the small baby
    opens its mouth”

    — Seifu-Ni (1731-1814), one of the greatest
    traditional Japanese woman haiku poets

  • Based in Texas, Empowered to Connect’s adoption work is rooted in Christian philosophy. They promote adoption ministries and support adoptive parents in their journey with practical tools and resources. See
  • As a Coloradan agency, A Family in Bloom Adoption has personal experience with Heritage Camps for Adoptive Families a . The organization has been going strong for 20 years providing summer heritage camps for adoptees and their families. There are now ten different cultural camps representing most regions of the world including a domestic adoption program.
  • Joint Council on International Children’s Services at is a non-profit child advocacy organization that supports laws, policies and programs promoting positive adoption outcomes.
  • The U.S. Department of State is your friend in international adoption matters with their user friendly web site at Here one can keep abreast of developments and regulations internationally as they effect adoption per country.