A Family in Bloom Adoption is approved for both Incoming and Outgoing adoption work internationally. Our agency is choosing to prioritize international adoptions involving relatives with adoptive children in the foster care system in the Canadian Provinces.

A Family in Bloom Adoption has worked with multiple districts within different Canadian Provinces. Although there is one overreaching Canadian Law for the international adoptions, each of the country’s thirteen provinces and territories has their own Central Authority. They administer the policies in their own manner and may add additional requirements to the adoption protocols. A Family in Bloom Adoption works directly with the Provincial Central Authority or their assigned representatives for each adoptive family case.

Canadian kidsThe international adoption process is handled in the same way as any standardized Hague Convention adoption. Namely, this is through a set sequence of events and benchmarks demonstrating the interplay of the American and Canadian government’s concordance for a designated child’s placement with an approved adoptive family.

An adoptive family’s exit interview will be held at the US Consulate in Montréal. All foster/adoptive children will enter the US under a guardianship arrangement still vested with the Canadian authorities.

Aurora BorealisPost-placement follow-up will be in accordance with the specific Province’s regulations and in accordance with the adoptive family’s State of residence. In many Canadian Provinces, post-placement is treated in the same way as the domestic adoption situations for an international one, with monthly visit follow-ups until the adoption is finalized six months or more after the placement. The finalization of a Canadian adoption occurs in the United States, in the District Court of a family’s US state of residence. Children can become US citizens after the finalization decree is issued.

Who Can Adopt and Who Can Be Adopted

Hockey playersOur agency’s other foreign country webpages generally have a list where more information is noted about who qualifies to adopt and which children are available for adoption. Whether due to the strength of the historically good relationship with our northern neighbor or some other factors, the US State Department does not describe the parameters on their intercountry web site. It will therefore be up to the individual US Hague adoption agency and the Canadian authorities to determine and approve adoptive parents and children for international adoptions. All necessary family and child documents will be presented to US Immigration, the Canadian, and US Central Authorities to make the final determinations.

When I approach a child, he inspires me to sentiments-tenderness for what he is and respect for what he may become.
Louis Pasteur

About Canada

OrcaUnless one has a pre-existing connection with this country, many Americans feel they don’t know quite enough about Canada. Rather than presenting a compendium of facts and figures, we have chosen to portray Canada’s specialness with a series of photos showcasing its nature, diversity and symbology

maple leaves
Grizzly Bears

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