A Family in Bloom Adoption’s fees for adoption services are listed below. They are intended as a tool for an approximate estimate of fees.

There are two main variables to consider: Colorado versus non-Colorado adoptive families and Domestic versus International adoptions. Families living outside of Colorado need a home study agency, that works in tandem with A Family in Bloom Adoption for their home study, and other services in their state of residence. The second main factor is whether one is doing a Domestic or International adoption. Our agency has multiple programs for both domestic and international work and can tailor a program to a family’s particular adoption situation.

Using the chart that follows below, the basic formula for the main services will be:

For Colorado residents:
1. Application fee +
2. Home Study fee +
3a. Domestic Adoption Administration fee OR 3b. International Adoption Administration fee AND 3c. Hague Accreditation fee +
4. Post-Placement fees

For non-Colorado residents:
1. Application fee +
3a. Domestic Adoption Administration fee OR 3b. International Adoption Administration fee AND 3c. Hague Accreditation fee +
4. Post-Placement fees

1. Application Fee:

Consulting and Research fee – available for families with specialized or more in depth informational needs.
(Optional service)

2. Home Study Fees and Colorado family case work:

Home Study for New Family: $3,000
Updated Home Study: $1,750
Addendum: $400
Training for Home Study:
(Paid to third party training agency)
per person

3a. Domestic Administrative Fees:

Note: We are currently NOT accepting new domestic adoption families.

3b. International Administrative Fees:

International Administrative Fees:
a. Agency acting as Primary Provider, dependent on the country and case factors $5,000-$10,000
b. Agency Foreign Country Program Fee; full service programs like Bulgaria, Lagos, and Nicaragua $13,000-$16,000

3c. Hague Accreditation Fees:

$850 Per Child and $850 Per Family

4. Post Placement:

Colorado Family, Domestic Adoption International Adoption when Agency Acting as Domestic Provider $250 Per Home Visit and $250 Per Child Report
International Adoption, Colorado or non-Resident Family, Agency as Primary Provider: $0 to $400 Per Report

There are additional program fees for the adoption of more than one child simultaneously, which are not double as much, but vary from 1.25 times to 1.5 times higher. These are hard to reflect in a chart because they vary dependent on the foreign country partner agency or attorney’s fees and program requirements. Post-placement costs can also involve additional fees for multiple child adoptions.

This list does not include additional fees paid to third parties, which again will vary based on factors about the kind of adoption and requirements in one’s own state of residence. Here are some of the most common ones that can occur:

  • Foreign attorney or NGO fees. This must be a foreign supervised provider of A Family In Bloom Adoption, with whom our agency has a registered agreement.
  • International adoptions will always involve fees to US Immigration and the US Embassy – As follows: $775 per USCIS Petition for child or sibling group AND $85 per applicant and other adult household members for the Department of Homeland Security fingerprinting. The US Embassy or Consulate exit interview costs $325.
  • All home studies involve different kinds of background clearances
  • Colorado has a mandatory third-party review of all interstate adoption cases and international home studies