Ghana Adoption

A Family in Bloom Adoption has been involved with adoptions in Ghana prior to the country joining the Hague Convention for Intercountry Adoption in January 2017. Our agency has been responsible for the first cases that have successfully been approved under the more rigorous Hague standards in Ghana.

A Family in Bloom Adoption works directly with the Ghanaian Central Authority on international adoptions. We partner with a Ghanaian Hague Accredited adoption agency abroad. These organizations are properly registered with the US Accrediting Entity.

Who Can Adopt

Ghanian ChildrenOur agency is not attempting to take the responsibility for matching Ghanaian children with adoptive families at this time. The adoptive parent population we are prioritizing and most likely to be successful will be Ghanaian-Americans that are:

  • Involved in kinship adoptions
  • Matched with adoptive children arranged and/or approved by the Ghanaian Social Services

If your family is in this group of adoptive parents, please feel free to contact our agency for assistance and evaluation of appropriate services.

About Ghana

Ghanaian BeadsGhana is an ethnically diverse and politically stable country located in West Africa. The basis of the Pan-African movement is rooted in its modern history. The country’s name is derived from a powerful medieval trading empire in the region. Sea trade commenced with the Europeans starting in the 1400’s, initially around gold deposits. Cacao, which was introduced about 200 years ago, remains the country’s chief export today.

The geological terrain, descending from low-lying mountains to the ocean shore, resulted in wondrous natural surroundings. National parks and beachside hamlets are worth exploring to partake in the country’s flora and fauna.

The people of Ghana are known for their friendliness and welcoming attitude. Our agency staff has enjoyed working with our Ghanaian families.

Please contact us to learn more about our international adoption services.