welcome morocco adoptionA Family in Bloom Adoption can act as the Primary Provider for adoptions from Morocco. Adoptive families from Morocco need to be of the Muslim faith. The program is for families that have a high likelihood of success and prioritization abroad, due to their current or past connection with the country of Morocco.

Who Can Adopt

The target group is families that are:

  • Dual-citizen Moroccan-Americans,
  • Americans living abroad in Morocco,
  • Americans that have adopted from Morocco previously.

It is intended as a relatively lower cost adoption from Morocco for families that are willing and able to navigate comfortably in the country by virtue of familiarity with language, culture and an independent nature. This is to say that it is not a full-service program with an in-country representative, escort and/or/liaison, other than the foreign attorney who will fill some of those services when necessary. Our adoptive families will work directly with our Foreign Provider Attorney(s) and the US Embassy in the final stage of their adoption process.

Life in common among people who love each other is the ideal of happiness.
George Sand, 1856

About the Children

There are multiple children’s homes that can be the source of a match and placement of the adoptive children from Morocco. The main reasons children are placed for adoption in Morocco are illegitimacy, poverty, and due to abandonment. Often these are voluntary relinquishments by a known birthmother. Frequently the point at which the relinquishment or abandonment occurs in the children’s lives is shortly after birth/infancy or as toddlers. For this reason, many of the children available for adoption are in the younger age range, 0 to 3 years of age, at the time of their match with adoptive parents.

hand morocco adoptionFamilies should expect to have at least two trips to Morocco over the course of their adoption process. The different Moroccan prefectures have varying regulations and time to complete the adoption process.

The US side of the process follows a traditional course of home study approval and US Immigration Notice of Approval (I-600 A). The next phase of the adoption occurs in Morocco with the dossier submission, legal representation, and eventual matching with a Moroccan child for adoption. Children come home from Morocco in a guardianship arrangement with the adoptive parents after going through the kafala court process abroad. The I-600 Petition for a child’s visa can be filed at the US Embassy in Morocco, generally with quick processing times.

Post-placement requirements will vary based on agency policies, US state requirements, and potentially foreign country requirements. Typically 2 to 3 home visits and post-placement reports are needed to finalize an adoption in the United States afterwards.

Please contact us to learn more about our international adoption services.