Nigeria Adoption – Lagos Program

lagos mapLagos State opened at the end of 2016 for international adoption by Americans. Previously only Nigerians that had dual citizenship living in the US could adopt internationally from Lagos State, which remains the case for all of the other Nigerian States.

A Family in Bloom Adoption is privileged to be one of a select few agencies approved and permitted by contractual agreement to work with American families for international adoption from Lagos State. Morgan Hill Children Foundation (MOHIC), an established Nigerian non-profit dedicated to humanitarian and child advocacy work, has been designated by the Lagos Ministry of Social Welfare to process and administer all international adoptions. This is for non-Nigerian Americans and Nigerians alike, including kinship adoptions. Morgan Hill Children Foundation will also handle international adoptions for Nigerian-American dual citizens only from Akwa Ibom and Cross River States. The US State Department is cognizant and supportive of the involvement of MOHIC for international adoptions from these Nigerian states.

The involvement of MOHIC should result in a more secure, legitimate and well- documented adoption process in a non-Hague Convention adoption country. Children are available from the age range 0 to 12 years, primarily in good health, but also some with special needs. The children come from licensed children’s homes.

Nigerian SingersA Family in Bloom Adoption will offer a full-service program in close partnership with MOHIC, who will match families with children or alternately have children available for qualified families registered with our agency. Legal work, in country support, and translation services if needed will be provided to families during their stay abroad directly by MOHIC’s qualified staff members.

A Family in Bloom Adoption can represent adoptive families living anywhere in the United States and indeed about 90 percent of our international adoptive families are currently outside of our home base of Colorado. Our agency has formal partnerships with over forty agencies in other states already and contacts with a score of others to provide the necessary services to our out-of-state families.

Within Colorado, A Family in Bloom Adoption has qualified and experienced social workers and case managers that can provide all the services necessary from start to finish for a successful international adoption, from the initial application, home study, US Immigration, match, and placement and post-placement services.

The Lagos State, Nigeria Program is a wonderful opportunity for families in a country where there are many children in need of loving, permanent homes. The process will take approximately one year from the time of the official registration with the Lagos Ministry of Social Welfare. Families usually will have two trips to Nigeria: the first and longer visit would involve at least six weeks for bonding with a child culminating with the finalization of the adoption. This time frame may be shortened in the future. The second trip would be after permission is given by the US government for an exit interview and visa issuance. Children adopted abroad will enter as full citizens of the US.

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